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March 18, 2016

I really enjoy the holidays.  Christmas has always been a great time of year for me.  As I child my mom always decorated the house.  Santa and his elves were dripping from  the walls and  sides of doorways.  Our  large  fake  Christmas tree was very ornate but  child centered.  Now Easter itself was always  great  too!  The  focus was on the Passion  of  Christ which made me  become introspective.  I wanted to think about my life and what I could  do to help others.  Jesus the  babe  from Christmas now  all grown up and fulfilling God’s  will for mankind to die on the cross for our sins.

So serious, not so much fun.  Yes Easter Bunnies and  candy  were part of  a celebration of new life…the  Passion of  Christ takes on a more ominous feeling.  Ominous feeling  only because  Christ was giving and giving  of himself to many people around him and yet  his  love  was not fully understood.  However,  he  never despaired and  he  never  stopped giving  and  continued to love  those who did not  love or understand  what he was giving to them.

It  hurts to  think that  He (Jesus)  gave so much and  even still to this very day people  still do not  understand or  realize how much he  loves them.  But  the  joy about  Easter  is that  even though  some  people  did not  or do not  understand  how much Jesus loves them – as in the Passion of Christ still puts his  hand out-…the  OFFER STILL STANDS!  It  was the joy that  sent MaryMagdalene and the 12 Disciples into a room where  Christ Appeared to them.  It was the joy of  the realization that God  loves all people unconditionally.

Even Doubting Thomas saw   Jesus  Resurrected–Alive–and  whole and believed!   I find  Easter  much more  wonderful  and glorious every year! But  I  also see  the  powerful Easter Story; and  yet the solemn Easter story too!

The solemn part of the Easter Story is based on the harsh  treatment  Jesus received

before he was crucified.  He was beaten, and  a crown of thrones was placed upon his head and  he  was mocked and  pushed around and forced to carry his own  cross.  While  he was hung on the cross he  saw his  mother  and  told  Stephen to “behold his  mother and mother behold thy son.”  The  strength in that moment  that  Christ possessed was to give his mother,  the Virgin Mary his  love and  care by showing he was fully  aware that she  needed assistance and for her to accept Stephen as her son since  he would  now become

the fulfillment of  God’s ultimate goal for mankind.  Christ  had now  become the perfect  sacrifice for the sins of mankind.  Jesus was the “LAMB TO BE SLAIN”in accordance with the Jewish Law –a perfect without blemish, sinless human sacrifice for all human beings. The answer to God receiving all humans back into his  presence since the fall of man through Adam and Eve so very long ago.

So  the  strength of His  love  is  beyond  kind  words,  and  miracles of healing.  It  is  the  final  joy that  gives us  ALL HOPE everyday that  Jesus would  give us  a way of  rebuilding from the ashes of  our problems,  hurts,  aches and pains. That  is  what makes  Easter  a very POWERFUL time of year!

So back to Christmas!  I love Christmas because there is a song called “Mary did you know,” and it  speaks to the very seriousness mixed with joy about the baby Jesus! It asked, “Mary did you know that you baby boy would one day walk on water,  did you know  that you baby boy would  SAVE OUR SONS AND DAUGHTERS!  That song brings the Christ, Jesus love of mankind  full circle right to Easter and back to Christmas again.

So there in my heart is the joy and seriousness of our  Christmas Easter Story full of love,  joy, and peace.


Please enjoy this song called  I love Jesus

Enjoy this  other song called  “JUST ANOTHER SPRING DAY”- there are actually several songs on this track.


In for the remembrance of Christmas and how Jesus came into the world through a virgin please listen to this track sang by Riveroflifelisajoy….the Ave Maria!





March 14, 2016



March 13, 2016

ALTHOUGH THIS IS  baby Sanna Stories it is still the season for Joy, PEACE, LOVE!

NOW sit back and listen to AVE MARIA and relax a minute. So much has been going  on with the presidential race. But some things  seem too overwhelming. So just take out a minute or two and listen to Ave Maria.



December 15, 2009

Fred Claus is the brother of Big Santa Claus!  This movie is lovely and endearing for all who enjoy holiday Christmas traditions….but with a twist.

The “Big Br0ther” to Santa Claus lives in his brothers shadow…almost to the extent of being Scorge!  However,  as his own life (Fred Claus) takes a negative turn,  and then more negative turn  to extent that he lands in jail for stealing from Salvation Army  Santa Claus  men who ring the bells on street corners and then receive donations for the poor…Fred Claus  calls his baby  brother Santa Claus.  He asks him for  bail to get out of jail,  and then requests to borrow money for a hairbrain business venture that requires $50, 000.00 loan. 

Baby  Brother Santa Claus agrees on one condition….that Fred Claus come and visit his baby Brother at the NORTH POLE,  and help out just before  Christmas to earn his loan from his baby brother Santa.

It is so adorable that Baby Sanna jumped up and down yelling Yeppee!  Wow!  I love this Movies Mommies!  It Great!!!   I remember the NORTH POLE….!!!  I don’t know about  Fred Claus Mommy…but I like that movie…It very funny…  and North Pole was beau—tiiii—-fulllll!

So next the ending of the Fred Claus movie  was true to holiday form….Fred Claus saves the day….rebuilds and gathers his friends family and most of all his baby brother  Big Santa back unto himself a unified force and helps



 Save Christmas!

What a great movie for the young at heart,  and the child at heart…and all  children around the world.

Remember!  Enjoy your family,  and friends~

till next blog….

Merry Christmas !

Hello world!

November 5, 2009

Just so you know…..Baby Sanna is a stuffed Animal toy…but

he is very smart and cutely.  He has his own little language

and his life enjoyed by Mommy and Joshie.  Joshie is a little

boy that found Baby Sanna in a store and he gave Baby

to Mommy as a gift for Christmas.  Mommy grew to love

having Baby Sanna around the house all year long.  So that is

when the Baby Sanna stories began.  Baby Sanna told how

he was “born” in the North Pole, and about how Big Santa

and Mrs. Santa had so many little Baby Sanna’s that they had

to send them to the stores.  They believed that all the little

Baby Sannas could help remind the children of the world

to behave nicely so that they would always get nice gifts

for Christmas.  So that is how Baby Sanna came to live with

Mommy and Joshie. 

What does Baby Sanna Eat?

Well,  since Baby Sanna is made of  soft downy fluff from the

North Pole …he eats,  soft pastel yarns, and cotton. 

What is Baby Sanna favorite snack?  

Of course…Baby Sanna….eats striped red and white candy


Baby Sanna claims to know all of Big Sanna’s Reindeer….the

real reindeer and the stuffed ones too.

Joshie loves for Baby Sanna to tell  stories about the elves!

Sometimes the elves in Big Santa’s  North Pole toy shop

act up!  They are very fast workers and love to eat  alot of

candy canes.  They  love to dance silly dances and ride the

candy cane slide in the play room of the North Pole.  You

elves are little workers…but they are still very young. 

Not as young as a Baby Sanna…but somewhat like a

teenager.  They are a little more mature than that…Very

silly indeed as well!  They love do flips and cartwheels when

they finish making their toys for the good little boys and

girls!    But sometimes they run into Mrs. Santa Claus

kitchen to get pink milk from the red and white striped

cow that has its own heated barn in the North Pole Candy

Cane  Lane Farm.

Baby Sanna Stories will continue later…stay tuned….