One day Joshie went away to tennis camp.  Mommy took

Baby Sanna along for the ride.  It was great fun.  They traveled

to Upstate New York.  Baby Sanna loved the smell of the

mountain air,  and the cool summer breeze.  Baby Sanna said

to Joshie…”We  have the best Mommy ever!”  Mommy Santa \

Claus never have time to drive us on any trips…she always

helping Big Santa to make toy designs,  and make new lists

of Boys and girls for Christmas gifts.  It very busy in the

North Pole!  Then Baby Sanna said…”Mommy can I have

more fluff?  I hungry!”  Mommy told Joshie where the can

of  Baby Sanna fluff  was at in the car.  Joshie gave Baby

Sanna his bottle of pink milk from the special order from

the North Pole that Mrs.  Sanna sends monthly.  Baby Sanna

sipped his milk and ate his fluff and giggled when Joshie

make faces at his little Baby Sanna!

Suddenly a large Hawk flew over the car, past the large

fir trees and  mountains.  Yeppee!  Mommy look!  Yelled

Joshie and Baby Sanna!  The sky was so blue and the clouds

were like large white cotton balls floating just overhead.

Soon they arrived at the camp and Mommy and Joshie

and Baby Sanna said a tearful see you soon…and Mommy

took Baby Sanna back home to wait the two long weeks

for Joshie return from tennis camp.  Baby Sanna was so

sad,  that Mommy had to sing Christmas carols the whole

entire ride back home.  Finally Baby Sanna fell asleep and

dreamt of candy canes, and toys being made  by the elves,

sweet smelling apple pies,  and  cakes being made by Mrs.

Santa,  and Big Santa telling bedtime stories to all the other little

Baby Sanna’s and singing songs about Christmas time and

giving gifts to the children of the world.


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