When I was a little girl I loved to enjoy the Christmas season.  My my mother would decorate the entire house and then put candy canes on a flat piece of wood,in the shape of the Christmas tree, about 2 1/2 feet tall  and 2 feet wide and place it on the front door of the house.  People in the neighborhood would come by and take a candy cane off  of the wooden Christmas  Tree.

It was a great time for me as a child.  My mother and father always gave us great holiday times.  I was very young and I remember a picture of myself as a child and I was sitting on a round saucer like dish with handles.  It was a little snow  saucer.  It was one of my favorite Christmas gifts…!

My mother would place an artificial Christmas Tree every year and it had snow blowing from  the top of   it.  It was so exciting to have the tree with snow falling down and  the color wheel would hightlight the tree and make the holiday season so much more vibrant.  I would get more and more happy and excited about the season. 

I always loved the Nativity Scene with Baby Jesus.  My  mother would always have it near the Christmas tree.  So when the color wheel would turn it would cast beautiful hues against the Nativity.

My mother would have a gold bell that was about the size of a joug of apple cider and that would be good also.  It would play Christmas tunes  with a tinkling sound. 

Little green,  yellow,  red,  and maybe a few blue elves would  be hung from the walls and windows of the house, especially in the  living room next to and around the Christmas tree.  I would would play with the elves and then place them back on their special little holiday perches.  My dog Cindy and I would play under the Christmas tree, before Christmas Day and of course on Christmas day.   My mother would send me to Sunday School with Granny from across the street.  I would learn the true meaning of  Christmas.  I would hear the story about a very special young lady named Mary who had what was called a Virgin Birth of her baby named  Jesus! 

I really did not understand everything…but I began to get the feeling that I wanted to have the happiness of  Jesus in my heart.  I understood that I was receiving a type of  joy. 

My father gave me  a little  clear plastic globe with a metal base and it had a tiny train that rode round and round  every time I turn the little leaver.  I was a child that had my favorite toys…

I think I will get a new train for under the Christmas tree…I will look  into it.  My like of Big Santa came because my Mommy would take me to see him in the Green Acres Mall or the Gertz Mall when  I would have a picture taken every year with Santa.  He would ask me if I had been a good  girl and I would say in a shy little voice…”YES SANTA!”  Santa would then smile and I would have my picture taken.

Then on for the wait.  I would now have dreams of “sugar plums dancing in my head!”

Suddenly Christmas Day would soon arrive.  I would open gifts,  and spy the cookie crumbs  and half full glass of milk that Big Santa had left behind.  I guess Santa was more hungry then I thought….but not as thirsty.   So,  now I began to open gifts and giggle and smile and look at the Nativity scene.  I enjoyed myself so much when I was a child…that now that I am an adult I just enjoy the look on others faces  and remember my youth as a little girl and the Spirit of Christmas.   I love to create it and share it with others.  And that my friend is where I get the Baby Sanna Stories!~   A little Dolly that reminds me of my childhood memories. 


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