Hello world!

Just so you know…..Baby Sanna is a stuffed Animal toy…but

he is very smart and cutely.  He has his own little language

and his life enjoyed by Mommy and Joshie.  Joshie is a little

boy that found Baby Sanna in a store and he gave Baby

to Mommy as a gift for Christmas.  Mommy grew to love

having Baby Sanna around the house all year long.  So that is

when the Baby Sanna stories began.  Baby Sanna told how

he was “born” in the North Pole, and about how Big Santa

and Mrs. Santa had so many little Baby Sanna’s that they had

to send them to the stores.  They believed that all the little

Baby Sannas could help remind the children of the world

to behave nicely so that they would always get nice gifts

for Christmas.  So that is how Baby Sanna came to live with

Mommy and Joshie. 

What does Baby Sanna Eat?

Well,  since Baby Sanna is made of  soft downy fluff from the

North Pole …he eats,  soft pastel yarns, and cotton. 

What is Baby Sanna favorite snack?  

Of course…Baby Sanna….eats striped red and white candy


Baby Sanna claims to know all of Big Sanna’s Reindeer….the

real reindeer and the stuffed ones too.

Joshie loves for Baby Sanna to tell  stories about the elves!

Sometimes the elves in Big Santa’s  North Pole toy shop

act up!  They are very fast workers and love to eat  alot of

candy canes.  They  love to dance silly dances and ride the

candy cane slide in the play room of the North Pole.  You

elves are little workers…but they are still very young. 

Not as young as a Baby Sanna…but somewhat like a

teenager.  They are a little more mature than that…Very

silly indeed as well!  They love do flips and cartwheels when

they finish making their toys for the good little boys and

girls!    But sometimes they run into Mrs. Santa Claus

kitchen to get pink milk from the red and white striped

cow that has its own heated barn in the North Pole Candy

Cane  Lane Farm.

Baby Sanna Stories will continue later…stay tuned….


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